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In 2007 Attorney Ivan Krastev instituted proceedings on behalf of his client (Е.К. from Varna) at the value of interest amounting to 1.167.000 BGN. The lawsuit brought up matters of principle against the Public Health Institution in Republic of Bulgaria. The lawsuit is at the stage of a legal procedure.
Photos from the TV film on the lawsuit (1) and photos from the first court session.(2)


In 2005 Attorney Ivan Krastev instituted trade proceedings on behalf of his client (Ts.А. from Varna) against the Power Monopolist in the North-East Bulgaria. The lawsuit brought up matters of principle related to the power supply monopoly in Bulgaria. The suit was brought to end in 2007 by a verdict in favour of the clients.
Photos from the final press conference (1) and photos from the handing of the monetary amounts, won by the clients.(2)


Attorney Krastev expresses the stand of his clients at working conferences with the local administration authorities in Varna and the Central State Administration.
Photos from the working conference between the President of the Municipal Council of Varna and the deputy President of the Sate Commission on Power and Water Regulation.
In our relationships with our colleagues-lawyers we insist on the solidarity and the mutual respect as provided by the Law on the Bar, notwithstanding that we represent the big financial interests of our clients.
Photos from moments before the court session.